Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have 100% of my energy...70% of the time.

When I have an energy spurt, I feel like I can complete every single task on my to-do list (which seems to grow by the minute).  But, when that spurt is gone...I'm done.  Count me out.  Finished.  No way I'm getting back up.  My eyelids get heavy, my feet and ankles swell a tiny bit, and by belly feels like it weighs 498 lbs.

So, I've been taking advantage of the energy I can find sometimes, and I've been researching recipes and actually making them.  There are many times that I find a recipe and neglect to try it, forget about it, or just plain give up on.  But lately I've been realizing if I find a recipe I have all the ingredients for on-hand, then I just get up and make it.  This morning, I've already made some "No-Bake Energy Bites" and it's only 10:13 am.  The thing is though, these things are the easiest things in the world to make.  Seriously.  And, by tweaking a few of the ingredients, you can make them pretty healthy.  You know, since your kids, you might lick the spoon around 23 times just to make sure they taste okay.

Make them now, thank me later.  You know why you'll thank me later?  Because you can double the recipe, throw the extras in the freezer, and you have snacks that will last you a month or two.  Believe me.  When you're searching through your pantry for something to snack on, you'll be so grateful when you realize you have ready-make, healthy snacks awaiting in the freezer.  You're welcome...later.

The rest of my energy is being put towards finding a bigger car.  Yep.  I just bought a car when Dean was born.  I've only had it a year.  I LOVE it.  But I need more room thanks to the Surprise Smith growing in belly.  :)  So, I think the old car is getting cleaned up and might be accessorized with a brand new "FOR SALE" sign in her front window.  She'd look good with that, wouldn't she?  And to answer your question, no.  I'm not getting a minivan.  Thanks.  I'm thinking something more like this:

2010 Mazda CX-9

Purrty, right?

We'll see how it goes.

Hey.  Go make those balls.  You'll love 'em.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I found this quote the other day and it hit me good.

I have some major goals running through my head lately.  And I'm way ahead of myself.  Like always.

Halloween.  Thanksgiving.  And Christmas.  I have always loved the holidays.  The love has only grown since having my own children to share it with.  Introduce new traditions.  Make lists for Santa.  And bake.  Oh, the baking.  I can almost taste it.

Goal #1.  Tackling the Holidays.  The reason I am so gung-ho about Christmas this year is because I should be having a baby right around that time too.  The very last thing I want to worry about 4 days before the holiday is what gift I'm going to get for who and where the hell I am going to park in this &*%# parking lot?  I actually get a little stressed just typing it out.  Therefore, my goal is to have ALL Christmas shopping D.O.N.E. before Halloween comes.  I've already started.  Emma may already have some gifts from Santa waiting for her in my dresser drawer.  That way I can concentrate on getting ready for the new baby, nesting, enjoying my kiddos, and eating.  Yes, I said eating.  I'm trying to see how much weight I can gain by having my last trimester fully encompass the holiday eating season.  Of course, I'm kidding.  Kind of.

Goal #2.  Stocking my freezer.  This has been an ongoing goal of mine ever since I realized the amount of food out there that can be premade and frozen.  Breads, cookies, pancakes, burritos, lasagna, milk, fruits from the farmer's markets, baby food, etc.  I plan to have my freezer so full of food it can barely open.  The last thing I am going to feel like doing is cooking when I have THREE (omg.) kids who need me to be here, there, and everywhere. is great blog out there for any parent who is interested in saving money and finding great recipes to freeze.  I'm also always a fan of Allrecipes.comAlthough, my biggest win so far has been Pinterest.  It blows my mind.  It inspires me.  It puts all of my ideas that I steal off of other people (ie. repin) into one big folder for me to easily find at any time.  I've made 3 recipes in 2 days off of this site.

Goal #3.  Finish some to-do-ing around this ol' house.  Why yes, that does include finding a place for the new baby to sleep!   We've got options, but we've yet to confirm anything.  Did you know I'm 5 1/2 months today?  Time flies when you're having fun totally freakin' exhausted and can't keep up with anything.  We also have some little things that I just want to have done before the weather keeps us in and I have to look at unfinished projects all day long.

Goal #4.  Try my brand new cloth diapers on Dean in preparation for Smith #5.  I gots 'em.  Them fancy ones. 

I got a heckuva deal on them, so I went for it.  I bought enough gender-neutral colors to hopefully use on Dean & the new baby at the same time.  Yes, there was a big upfront cost, but the cost from here on out is $0.00.

Goal $5.  Learn everything there is know about breastfeeding.  If I pair this with not spending any money on diapers, and making my own baby food...this new baby should cost pennies compared to the other two muchkins.  That's the goal anyways.

So, there's a sneak peek inside my ever-insane brain.  Hopefully, I'm not the only one who thinks all-kinds-of-crazy like this, but it sure does help to write it all down.  Even if I am the only one who reads it.  :)