Friday, June 25, 2010


Old Wives Tales to induce labor:

1.  Eat spicy foods.
2.  Take a walk.
3.  Get a pedicure.
4.  Squatting.
5.  Eat pineapple.
6.  Drive down a bumpy road.
7.  S-e-x.
8.  Drink rasberry leaf tea.
9.  Take a hot bath.
10. Forget about trying to induce labor, and just let it happen.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Act II

Seriously?  I went to the hospital......again.

I woke up this morning at 6:45 am with what were most definitely contractions.  These were not Braxton Hicks, nor where they the tiny ones I've been having since 28 weeks.  These were the real deal.  They were 7 minutes apart for 2 hours before I called the doctor - hoping not to have a false alarm again.  He said to go in to the hospital and get hooked up to the monitors again.  Baby boy was doing fine and contractions started coming 5 minutes apart for an entire hour.


they just went away.  Gone.

So, after being in the hospital for over 4 hours, I had not dialated any more than the original 2 cm. & his head was still "high".  I was sent home......again.

If I don't leave with a baby next time I go in there, I'm going to go insane.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"I carried a watermelon?"

--36 weeks & 3 days--

The girl who cried labor.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lauren.  She was 36 weeks pregnant, and really feeling it.  One day, she went to the doctor for a check-up.  He said "Lauren, you are 2 centimeters dialated, and 70% effaced."  Lauren and her husband, David, got very excited at this news.  They realized they were going to have a baby soon!

Two days earlier, Lauren had noticed some "leaking" happening.  It wasn't much, and she wasn't in pain, so she did not think too much of it.  However, her husband wanted her to call the doctor to make sure it wasn't her water breaking.  On her way to work one Tuesday morning, Lauren called the doctor.  He said "Go to the hospital.  We will hook you up to the monitors, and see how far along you are."  She grabbed her hospital bag (already nicely packed) and David drove her to the hospital.

They were greeted and sent to Suite 7.  After putting on the hospital gown (lovely, by the way), Lauren sat in the bed as the nurse hooked up all the equipment and asked all the questions.  "How long have you been leaking?" the nurse says.  Lauren replied "About 2 days."  The nurse then said "You should have called us sooner.  You definitely should have told Dr. S about this before now."

Lauren realized that even though these nurses were nice, they were very serious about this "leaking" business.  The nurse then did a PH test to see if Lauren's water broke.  The test came back yellow, confirming that her water did NOT break.  The nurse was perplexed.  "What could this liquid be?" she asked.  She then went to page Dr. S.

All the time, Lauren was having contractions.  They were very irregular in strength and timing.

After 20 minutes of waiting, Dr. S came in to review the situation.  He asked all the same questions, and measured Lauren again.  She was still 2 centimeters dialated, and 70% effaced.  No change.  He told Lauren to go home, relax, and call if she had any concerns.

Lauren then changed her clothes, packed her hospital bag back up, and her husband drove her home.

The end. 
But not really.

This has been a presentation of "The Girl Who Cried Labor".

Monday, June 21, 2010


Me & Hubs
I am 35 weeks in this picture.

The same way twice.

When I had Emma, I obviously had no idea what to expect.  Plus, she was early...which really threw me.

In my mind, this labor is going to happen the same way it did with Emma.

It will be 3:45 am and I will get up to pee.  (Story of my life)  I'll lay back down, and my water will break.  I'll start timing contractions, and call my doctor.  I'll shower, get ready, and go to the hospital.  I'll be checked in.  I'll be given drugs.  After nine hours of labor, I'll have the baby.

There is no way it will happen the same way twice.  What if my water doesn't break this time?  What if I'm at work?  What if I am in labor for 36 hours?  What if they need to do a c-section?  What if something is wrong with the baby?  What if, what if, what if???

But, I can't imagine it any other way. 

I think I'm in for a big awakening....and probably not from my water breaking.


Appointment Today @ 36 weeks, 2 days:

Weight Gain: 39 pounds
Maternity Clothes:  Over it.
Feeling Baby:  Hiccups & elbows.
Food Cravings:  Had a hankerin' for some Nerds today.
Milestones:  Trying to hit 37 weeks on Saturday.  This would mean he is "full term".

Oh yeah, and.....

2 centimeters dialated.
60%-70% effaced.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not cool.

My swollen ankles were fine.  I had accepted them.  I didn't have them with Emma, but I knew they were a possibility.

My swollen calves & shins however.....

not so fine.

They feel funny.  They look even funnier.  This is not good.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Well, well, well.

So I had some milestones to accomplish this week.  I got FOUR of them done just today!

1.  Pre-register.  Done.  If I have any pains, contractions, or questions, I just take the 3rd elevator to the 4th floor.  Labor & Delivery, here I come!

2.  Fireplace?  Done.  We had to take our lunch break today to pick out some different brick.  They ended up demolishing the old fireplace, and building my new one in just a few hours.  It looks pretty amazing.

3.  Countertops.  Done.  This may not have been on my list yesterday, but it should have been.  We have been waiting on our granite countertops to be installed for about 6 weeks.  It's been a very frustrating process.  However, now that it's done, and they're in - I am one happy girl.

4.  Pack hospital bag.  Done.  Onesies are washed, folded, and in the bag.  Nursing nightgown purchased and in the bag.  (& it's not dorky!)  Some extra Newborn sized diapers are in the bag too, just in case.  I took them out of the package and couldn't believe my eyes.  They are soo tiny!  Now, all I have to do when this goes down is pack my toothbrush, contact solution, and hair brush.  Knocking this one off the list makes me feel loads better.

How about that for a Monday?  Think I'm nesting yet?  I'd say definitely.  :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Steps

Milestones from last week:

~My entire life is now packed into my garage, and not a storage unit.
~My work schedule post-baby has been confirmed with boss.  Part-time = Friday, Saturday & Sundays.  Home with Emma and baby boy Monday - Thursday.
~Officially hit 35 weeks pregnant on Saturday.  Lungs should now be mature enough to handle breathing without assistance if born now.
~Hospital bag for mama & baby boy mostly packed.  I just need a nightgown for me and onesies for bb.  Onesies are in the dryer as we speak.  Nightgown still needs purchased.  Never even packed my hospital bag with Emma b/c she came earlier than expected.
~Cankles.  Enough said.

Milestones we're hoping to accomplish this week:
~Beds & crib set up with clean sheets in all three bedrooms.
~Running water.
~Cleaning appliances.  Maybe even filling my fridge with food???
~Hardwood floors washed and oiled.
~New fireplace?
~Pre-register at the hospital.  <---This really needs done.
~Dishwasher installed.
~Cankles.  I'm sure they're here to stay.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Deep breath.

It's official.  I'm in panic mode.

1.  I own a house.  My house = A house with no toilets, no sinks, missing doors, half of the necessary appliances, and no countertops.
2.  All of my nursing/after-baby gear is packed away in a storage unit costing me $77 a month.
3.  We haven't chosen a dresser and bed frame for Emma.  These are necessary.  She needs to have a place to sleep.
4.  I am 34 weeks pregnant today.  I had Emma at 37.5 weeks.  I am measuring weeks ahead of my due date.  This makes me think I could have this baby, say, any day now?
5.  I have no bags packed.  I have nothing prepared for me, my new baby, or Emma to stay at grandma & grandpa Chaney's.  PANIC.

Those are just 5 of the reasons I feel the way I do.

Deep breath.  Relax. 


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Could it be?

I may, or may not, be "nesting".

But it's different than you think.

I am currently still without my own home.  It is getting close to being done - but it's not quite there.  Therefore, I can't really nest there.  And I'm not doing it at my in-laws.

Hubby has a theory:  I'm nesting with myself.

Tuesday - Pedicure; nail removal followed by a manicure.
Wednesday - Prenatal massage.
Next Thursday - Full highlight and hair cut.

He thinks I'm going to have the baby earlier than expected because I seem to be "nesting" with myself.  I told him I'm just trying to do these last minute things because I will not have time to do them after baby boy gets here.  Why would I go spend 2.5 hours in a salon when I could be with Emma and new baby instead?  And who would turn down a $25 hour long prenatal massage?  I mean, seriously?  And, it's not like I can reach my feet to even try to paint my own toenails.  :)