Saturday, July 31, 2010

1 short, sweet month

Weight: 10.64 lbs
Length:  22.6 inches
Head: 16 cm.
Cuteness: A bajillion-million  :)

One Month Deaners

The List of Random.

1.  We broke down & got cable.  I was really proud of not having it for such a long time, especially in this day and age...but the time has come.  We were not getting a good signal at our new house, so every time we turned on the tv, we had to move the bunny ears to get a couple of channels to come in.  After a month of doing this, we were o.v.e.r.i.t.  So, extra bill for $60 a month, welcome to our home.  We're glad to have you.

2.  I am starting to fit into my clothes again!  This is good news.  I have not weighed myself yet.  I actually don't even own a scale because I would probably drive myself insane if I did.  I'm waiting until I go for my 6-week checkup.  Time will tell.

3.  I have decided to de-clutter my life.  In my last house, David turned an EXTRA room into my closet.  I'm not kidding when I say that I had a table in this closet.  Yes, a table.  With a lamp.  Pictures on the walls.  And a window.  It was beautiful.  I have a very, very small closet in the new house.  The other night, I was trying to fall asleep and I was worrying about where I was going to store all of my clothes.  The next morning, I realized how ridiculous I was being.  There are much bigger things in my life that I need to direct this attention towards.  So I have decided to start my "de-cluttering" with my clothes.  So far, I have 3 full trash bags ready to go to Goodwill, with another bag for the trash.  Heck to the yes.

4.  Emma UN-does everything I do.  If I put a towel on the oven handle, she takes it down and leaves it on the floor.  If I pack up all of my pumps into a box in my closet, she dumps all of them out the try on every single pair.  If I put papers in a tupperware container, she takes them out, and uses the container to give her teddy burr a bath.  Everything I do, she UN-does it.  But it's just do darn cute, I can't be upset about it.  Here's your visual aid:

Yeh, she's posin'.

5.  We have made some tentative plans for September.  One of my bests lives in South Bend, within walking distance of the football stadium.  She invited David & me up for a weekend to go tailgating/attend an actual game.  David wants to go to the game, I want to tailgate with my lovely.  It will be a great weekend for us as a couple.  Long drive without kids + good/lots of drinks + fantastic company = can't wait.  Next, we have a wedding in Rhode Island that we might road trip...&&& this time, with both kidzzz.  It will be my last weekend before I go back to work.  We're thinking it could be a fun experience, and we could show off the newest addition & his very proud big sister.  :)  Hopefully, both of these come to be.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are you for real?


It's 10:19 a.m. & all three of us are ready for the day.

What I mean is...we're not still lounging around in our "jammas" as Em would say.  This is a big accomplishment.

Baby Dean is 1 flippin' month old today.  In this very short, very fast month, we have not all been ready before noon.  I'm talking maybe I'll get both kidS (<---plural, still getting used to that) ready but I won't get my shower in until 9 at night......if at all.  Or I'll shower, but then Baby D is still in his jamma gown at 1:30 in the afternoon.

But today...well, I'm awesome.  It's done.  We're ready.  :)

Routine is something I've really been working on.  I'm not usually one to preach this "routine" thing, but it is time to try.  I've decided to have dinner every night at 6-ish.  I don't want to eat at 8 or 9.  I'll never lose weight that way.  Emma is usually in the bath by 7 & bed by 8.  Granted, she gets out of bed about 3 (feels like a bajillion) times before she actually stays and goes to sleep.  Slowly but surely, we'll get there.

Baby Dean 1-month appointment today.  I wonder how much he weighs now.  ;)  What a chunky monkey.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fixer Upper --- way upper

Don't get me wrong - I luuuuurrvve my new (old) house.  But when you buy a fixer-upper, all of those things that need fixed...well, they're on you.  I constantly have a to-do list running through my mind that is a million miles long.  There is always something that can be done to improve the look of the house.  Or sometimes it's just an upgrade that I would LIKE to be done, but doesn't HAVE to be done.  Big difference.

Well, let's just say I knocked one task off that crazy, long list.  I finally painted Emma's room - and it's PINK!  It looks fantastic, and she loves it.  I can honestly say I never thought I would let her have a pink room, but she claims that's her favorite color, so we'll run with it.  :)

Lauren - 1
House - 5,287

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 weeks new

My Bubs @ 3 weeks

A new baby = A new mommy

So ever since we brought Baby Dean home, Emma has been nothing short of wonderful with him.  I thank my lucky stars every day for how well she is behaving.  She has not displayed one single act of jealousy towards him or us.  All she wants to do is help.  She is constantly saying "I'm gunna go check on baby brudder." or I'll find her climbing up next to him on the couch just to give him his pacifier.  Probably the sweetest thing is when we look back on them in the backseat of the car, and she's either holding his hand, giving him his pacifier, laying her teddy bear on him, or just lightly patting him on the belly.

Talk about a proud mama.  Yes, me.  Oh, and her too.  :)

She has this new thing where all she wants to do is take care of her teddy bear.  She is always being "mommy" to him.  Whether she is standing on her potty seat so she can reach the wipes to "change teddy burrs dayper" or laying him in the swing with a blanket to "make him filll butter", she is always up to something.  This morning I woke up, and the first thing she tells me is she needs to find the "temperature" so she can determine if teddy bear is sick or not.  She sticks the thermometer in his mouth and finally says "it's high mama, it's high".  Then she takes him to bed and covers him up.  When you walk into the room where teddy bear is sleeping, she "sshhh's" you.

I wonder what her first memory will be?  One of my strongest first memories is when my brother was born, and we went to see him and my mom in the hospital.  I remember bringing the car seat out and driving home with him.  I had just turned 3.  She's coming up on that quicker than I can even believe.  It's amazing to think that I will (and aparently already do) have such an influence on her life & memories she makes.  What a powerful, overwhelming and scary feeling.

Here is mommy #2 clipping baby doll's (she says "Bayup") fingernails.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chunky Monkey

Not even a week old here.

Week & a half.

He gets about 43,782 kisses a day.
Lucky me. :)

So this is what this feels like.

So - had a baby.  You knew that.  He was jaundiced.  You knew that too.

He took almost 2 weeks to fight the jaundice off.  You didn't know that.  Boooooo.

David & I have basically been stuck inside our house for these first two weeks of Dean's life because of the jaundice.  He was hooked up to a "billi-blanket" 24/7.  This blanket it basically a really thin light paddle connected to a machine that whirrs nonstop.  He had to stay in one of two spots because they were close to outlets so the machine could stay plugged in.  Can we say ugh?

So on Wednesday (my birthday), we took Dean to the hospital for the 5th time to get some blood work done.  That's the other crappy part about this jaundice thing - heel pricks.  He had to get his blood drawn and then we would wait around all day for the results.  On this particular day, he got more than just the jaundice test done.  He got two more tests that would have determined whether or not he was depleting his red blood cells too quickly, resulting in the jaundice.  Side effects from jaundice are awful & more awful.  Plus, if the tests came back positive, the only real fix was a blood transfusion....on a two week old.  Break my heart why don't ya.

We waited & waited & waited - then we got the phone call at 5:07 pm that he was okay!  His numbers went down, we could take him off the blanket, and his tests came back negative.  Best birthday present ever.

So, yesterday was day 1 without the blanket, and it finally feels like we're home & together.  I can put him in his uber-cute little boy outfits that I have been stocking up on since the day I found out he was a boy.  I can carry him with me.  We can go out to places & take long walks and not have to worry about being on that damn blanket.  It's wonderful.  :)

All in all, I do realize that it could have been much worse.  And I am so grateful that it wasn't.  But it was a stressful couple of weeks that I'm glad are over.  Now let the fun times begin.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good news......

No.  Scratch that.  GREAT NEWS.

Had a baby.
Love him.  :)

Monday, June 28th:
I had a dr. appointment at 11:40 am.  I was measuring 2.5 centimeters - he "stretched" me to 3.  <---This is the turning point of my pregnancy.  I was about 75% effaced.  I left the doctor and went back to work.  I started to feel some cramping at about 1:13 pm.  I decided to start writing down this "cramping" and how often it was happening.  After some extremely irregular timing, I realized these were contractions.  They ranged anywhere from 4-20 minutes apart.  At about 4:30 they started becoming more painful and regular, coming every 6-7 minutes.  I kept working through them, but was very aware they were happening.  When it was time to leave work at 5:30, I was pausing and slowly breathing through them...but still wary of calling the doctor.  I drove home thinking they might go away, just like the last time.  Turns out....not happenin'.

At about 6:30 pm, I called the doctor and he said to head on in.....for the THIRD time.  At this point, I was not at all nervous about this being a false alarm.  These contractions were coming on hard & fast.  It was like all of the sudden I remembered every pain I had with Emma, and these were the real deal.  We get to the hospital and settle down in Suite 11 to determine if I needed admitting.  My water hadn't broken, but I was already asking for the epidural.  After answering many questions and breathing through many contractions, I was still only 3 centimeters.  They wouldn't give me any of my magical drugs until I "progressed" any further or my water broke.  I was starting to really think that I was going to go find the drugs myself.  They finally decided that I could get the drugs because my contractions were clearly coming everything 3 minutes and not going away.  Bending over the side of the bed to get the epidural is difficult, but worth every second.  Within minutes I felt relief.  Thank goodness, I could actually rest for a while.

David and I ended up resting with the lights out for a couple of hours.  Contractions stayed regular throughout the epidural (which can be rare), and all of the sudden - I was 8 centimeters.  My parents came in and visited for about 20 minutes.  By the time they left, baby dropped and I was 10 centimeters.  The doctor was called and it was time to "trial push".  Then it was NOT time to "trial push".  I had progressed so quickly, they didn't want me to push at all without the dr. present.  It was about 2 am when the doctor said to push....

....and Baby Dean was born at 2:20 am on June 29th, 2010.  He weighed 9 lbs. 8 oz. and was 21.5 inches long.  Yes.  He was almost 3 weeks early and weighed that much.  Yes.  I am glad I got the drugs.

It has now been a week since I've had him, and he is doing well.  He was jaundiced, so he has to be on a billi-light 24/7 for now.  Today is day 4 on the blanket, and his numbers are going down.  We get him tested again tomorrow for hopefully the last time.  If his numbers go down tomorrow, we get rid of the blanket and can actually get out of the house for more than an hour!  We are going stir crazy for sure.

As for me, I am healing much faster and easier than I did with Emma.  On day 6, I took a 1.5 mile walk without even realizing it.  Today, we walked around our new neighborhood for about 45 minutes with Emma & Dean.  Tomorrow, more of the same.  :)

All of the above was great news....

the bad news is:  I can't find my camera cord to get all of the adorable pictures of my new son onto my computer!  I am now on a mission to find it.  Wish me luck.