Friday, July 16, 2010

So this is what this feels like.

So - had a baby.  You knew that.  He was jaundiced.  You knew that too.

He took almost 2 weeks to fight the jaundice off.  You didn't know that.  Boooooo.

David & I have basically been stuck inside our house for these first two weeks of Dean's life because of the jaundice.  He was hooked up to a "billi-blanket" 24/7.  This blanket it basically a really thin light paddle connected to a machine that whirrs nonstop.  He had to stay in one of two spots because they were close to outlets so the machine could stay plugged in.  Can we say ugh?

So on Wednesday (my birthday), we took Dean to the hospital for the 5th time to get some blood work done.  That's the other crappy part about this jaundice thing - heel pricks.  He had to get his blood drawn and then we would wait around all day for the results.  On this particular day, he got more than just the jaundice test done.  He got two more tests that would have determined whether or not he was depleting his red blood cells too quickly, resulting in the jaundice.  Side effects from jaundice are awful & more awful.  Plus, if the tests came back positive, the only real fix was a blood transfusion....on a two week old.  Break my heart why don't ya.

We waited & waited & waited - then we got the phone call at 5:07 pm that he was okay!  His numbers went down, we could take him off the blanket, and his tests came back negative.  Best birthday present ever.

So, yesterday was day 1 without the blanket, and it finally feels like we're home & together.  I can put him in his uber-cute little boy outfits that I have been stocking up on since the day I found out he was a boy.  I can carry him with me.  We can go out to places & take long walks and not have to worry about being on that damn blanket.  It's wonderful.  :)

All in all, I do realize that it could have been much worse.  And I am so grateful that it wasn't.  But it was a stressful couple of weeks that I'm glad are over.  Now let the fun times begin.

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