Friday, May 28, 2010

32 weeks, 6 days I guess?

Due Date: Does any one really know?
Weight Gain: 34 pound-a-roos
Maternity Clothes:  Even they are getting tight.
Feeling Baby:  The little movements have turned into major sightings of limbs gliding across my belly.  He still really enjoys my ribs too.
Food Cravings:  I just love the slushies still.  Give me a blue rasberry slushie & I'm a happy girl with a blue-toothed grin.
Gender:  Oh, don't you wish you knew the name?
What I Miss:  Being able to wear all of these cute summer clothes!  It seems like this season's clothes are right up my fashion alley, and all I can do is look.
What I Love:  Being able to eat whatever I want, and not having to suck in afterwards.  Yes, I'm serious.
Looking Forward To:  Emma hugged my belly the other day.  Then she rubbed her hand on it and kept repeating that I was her mama.  I cannot wait to see her with this little guy.  She is going to be a fantastic big sister.  :)

Summa summa summa time!

Too flippin' cute.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My munchkin.

Some background:
*Original ultrasound around 6 weeks = Due date of July 17th.
*Second ultrasound = Due date of July 9th.
*Third Ultrasound = Due date of July 5th.

Notes from the Fourth Ultrasound (5/26/10):
*This ultrasound was scheduled because I have been measuring about a week ahead, have had possible contractions, am slightly dialated, and had my first baby early.
*Cold jelly squeezed on my belly.
*We see heartbeat right away, 146's she says.  Right where he should be.
*She starts to measure femur, head circumference, and stomach.  Everything looks good.
*He kicks back at her wand.  I told you he was feisty. :)
*She pulls up the measurements to see if he really is as big as we think.
*He is.
*She gives us an "unofficial" due date of JUNE - yes, you read that right - JUNE 16TH.
*Because of how drastic this is, she remeasures everything.  And then she does it a third time.
*Femur - 34 weeks.
*Stomach - 35 weeks, 4 days.
*Head - 38 weeks, 2 days.
*Note - I am supposed to be 32 weeks, 4 days.
*Therefore, I have an appointment scheduled for Friday to see what my Dr. says.
*As you can see in the picture from today, he is literally trying to put his toes in his mouth.  Our technician said she had never seen a baby try to do that.  Our little guy is a chunker already.

Is that right?

32 weeks, 4 days*

*May not be totally accurate.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My loves.

One of my fears:
"How am I supposed to LOVE another person as much as I love the two of them?"

Is it even possible?

Aww man!

Ultrasound was cancelled for today.  :(

It is next Wednesday - and now I really can't wait.  I just want to see him!

I wonder if my due date will still be so "off" from the original?  The last ultrasound I had at 21 weeks, I was 12 days ahead of the original due date.  Hmmm......

Monday, May 17, 2010

Check up

Today was my 31-week appointment.  Kind of crazy that it's already 31 weeks right?

Weight gain: NILL, so holding steady at 30.
Heart Rate:  140's It's slowing down because he's starting to get so big.
Measurements:  Still measuring slighty big.
Ultrasound:  Because of said measurements, I will be having an ultrasound Thursday.  We are taking Emma, and I'm excited to see how she reacts to seeing the baby on the screen.  She might be starting to get this whole "baby brudder" thing.  :)

I'm gonna pull for a 3D ultrasound this time too.  It's crazy to think this is the last ultrasound we have before we see his face for real!  I can't wait!

Friday, May 14, 2010

30 weeks, 6 days

30 Weeks & 6 Days

Due Date:  July 17th (Seriously don't think I'll make it to July.)
Weight Gain:  As of last appt. (April 30th) = 30 big ones.
Maternity Clothes:  Maternity jeans not fitting anymore.  Maternity jeans I bought when I was pregnant with Emma, not even close.  Not miserable with my clothes selection, but I can't wait to wear normal "trendy" clothes again.
Feeling Baby:  He is feisty!  There are times I jump because it is so rough.  Emma was never as rough as he already is.  He also gets up under my rib on the right side, which can get uncomfortable.  When he does that, I feel like I'm squishing him.
Food Cravings:  Nothing major.  I never feel the "gotta-have-it-now" cravings.  But, I am getting full FAST.
Gender:  Boy!  And we have finally decided on the middle name too!
What I Miss:  Trendy clothes, pumps for work, and skinny arms.
What I Love:  The support from my family and husband.
Looking Forward To:  Meeting him and seeing his wonderful face!
Update:  I had 2 days of what felt like contractions, but I was unsure.  I googled everything I could find on Braxton Hicks, but my symptoms were not the same.  I was having what felt like period cramps in my lower back, but no tension in my belly.  I tell my Dr. and he gets a concerned frown on his face.  He doesn't think they're B-Hicks either.  He does a swab test (uh, ouch) for pre-term labor.  Scary.  At the time of the appointment, I was almost 29 weeks.  It came back negative, which meant I was 99% sure not to have to baby in the next two weeks, and then we'd have my next appointment.  We have our next appointment Monday, and I have to tell him I've had some more of these contractions, but not nearly as bad.  I wonder what he'll do?  I'm debating taking half-days at work because of it.  He also put me on iron supplements because I am anemic.  On top of all that, I am starting to get uncomfortable.  Nothing too extreme...just different.  I never got to the "just-get-this-baby-out-of-me" stage with Em, but I feel it coming with this little one.

Here's a couple pictures we took before we went out to dinner for our FOUR-YEAR Anniversary.  :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So it goes:

First Trimester = tired, exhausted, and tired.  Also, nauseous.  You're baby bump isn't showing, so no one really understands why you feel the way you do, or how extreme it truly is.  You are more bloated than anything, and that gets worse as the day goes on.  But, you're happy you're pregnant.  :)

Second Trimester = Some energy is back.  You forget what it feels like to be nauseous - but you're reminded quickly because you want to eat a little bit of everything.  Your baby bump starts to show.  You show it off.  You buy your first pieces of maternity clothing, and breathe a sigh of relief.  You find out the sex, and start buying every blue/pink thing you can find.  You forget you were ever tired during this pregnancy.

Third Trimester = refer back to first trimester.  Disregard the bump part.  Disregard the nauseous part.  Just concentrate on the TIRED, EXHAUSTED, AND TIRED part.  Baby bump does not allow sleeping.  Hips hurt if you lay on for more than 1 hour.  Pillow in between legs gets hot and wrinkly.  The countdown really begins - because you realize you'll probably sleep better after the baby is born than you are right now.

But, you're still happy to be pregnant.  :)

**Note:  Multiply all of this x 900 if you already have, say, an adorable but wild 2 year old, to take care of.