Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My munchkin.

Some background:
*Original ultrasound around 6 weeks = Due date of July 17th.
*Second ultrasound = Due date of July 9th.
*Third Ultrasound = Due date of July 5th.

Notes from the Fourth Ultrasound (5/26/10):
*This ultrasound was scheduled because I have been measuring about a week ahead, have had possible contractions, am slightly dialated, and had my first baby early.
*Cold jelly squeezed on my belly.
*We see heartbeat right away, 146's she says.  Right where he should be.
*She starts to measure femur, head circumference, and stomach.  Everything looks good.
*He kicks back at her wand.  I told you he was feisty. :)
*She pulls up the measurements to see if he really is as big as we think.
*He is.
*She gives us an "unofficial" due date of JUNE - yes, you read that right - JUNE 16TH.
*Because of how drastic this is, she remeasures everything.  And then she does it a third time.
*Femur - 34 weeks.
*Stomach - 35 weeks, 4 days.
*Head - 38 weeks, 2 days.
*Note - I am supposed to be 32 weeks, 4 days.
*Therefore, I have an appointment scheduled for Friday to see what my Dr. says.
*As you can see in the picture from today, he is literally trying to put his toes in his mouth.  Our technician said she had never seen a baby try to do that.  Our little guy is a chunker already.

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