Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Steps

Milestones from last week:

~My entire life is now packed into my garage, and not a storage unit.
~My work schedule post-baby has been confirmed with boss.  Part-time = Friday, Saturday & Sundays.  Home with Emma and baby boy Monday - Thursday.
~Officially hit 35 weeks pregnant on Saturday.  Lungs should now be mature enough to handle breathing without assistance if born now.
~Hospital bag for mama & baby boy mostly packed.  I just need a nightgown for me and onesies for bb.  Onesies are in the dryer as we speak.  Nightgown still needs purchased.  Never even packed my hospital bag with Emma b/c she came earlier than expected.
~Cankles.  Enough said.

Milestones we're hoping to accomplish this week:
~Beds & crib set up with clean sheets in all three bedrooms.
~Running water.
~Cleaning appliances.  Maybe even filling my fridge with food???
~Hardwood floors washed and oiled.
~New fireplace?
~Pre-register at the hospital.  <---This really needs done.
~Dishwasher installed.
~Cankles.  I'm sure they're here to stay.

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