Thursday, June 3, 2010

Could it be?

I may, or may not, be "nesting".

But it's different than you think.

I am currently still without my own home.  It is getting close to being done - but it's not quite there.  Therefore, I can't really nest there.  And I'm not doing it at my in-laws.

Hubby has a theory:  I'm nesting with myself.

Tuesday - Pedicure; nail removal followed by a manicure.
Wednesday - Prenatal massage.
Next Thursday - Full highlight and hair cut.

He thinks I'm going to have the baby earlier than expected because I seem to be "nesting" with myself.  I told him I'm just trying to do these last minute things because I will not have time to do them after baby boy gets here.  Why would I go spend 2.5 hours in a salon when I could be with Emma and new baby instead?  And who would turn down a $25 hour long prenatal massage?  I mean, seriously?  And, it's not like I can reach my feet to even try to paint my own toenails.  :)

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