Friday, March 12, 2010

What week am I?

Due Date:  I guess July 17th.  Although my money is on June.
How far along:  22 weeks today by original due date.  23 weeks, 4 days by last u/s
Weight Gain:  Well, 20 pounds total.  Which means, I'm back on track.  At least he didn't say, "Little bit of weight gain here.  The more you gain, the harder it is to lose later."
Maternity Clothes:  Dear Bella Band, I love you.  Thank you for supporting my growing baby belly in ways I only hoped you could.
Stretch Marks:  I don't want to talk about it.
Feeling Baby:  Most definitely.  I would say strong kicks every 3 hours at least.  David, Steph (sil), and my boss have also felt kicks.  :)  Needless to say, I don't mind hands on my belly.....if I know you.
Food Cravings:  Nothing that I had to leave the house for.  I've been enjoying Skittles again.  Damn Skittles.  Strawberry-Orange Gatorade is a crowd-pleaser. 
Gender:  Still a boy!
Baby's Heartrate:  140's  :)
What I miss:  Skinny jeans and heels.
What I love:  Not having to suck in after a big meal.
Looking forward to:  Long summer dresses when the weather heats up.  Enjoying my last "me and Emma" days playing and tanning at the pool.
Milestone:  Past the halfway mark.  Not gaining 2 pounds a week.

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