Sunday, March 27, 2011

Been there. Done that.

I just haven't been feeling it lately.

I honestly feel I don't have a thing to say that might interest any one.

I've given up "the popular social networking site known as Bookface" for Lent.  (Name that show.)

Ever since Ash Wednesday, I've not felt the urge to be on the computer.  I've been doing things instead.  I know, weird right?

I've been cleaning.  My 40 bags plan is not going to equal 40, but I'm up to about 3-4 so far with more than half the rooms to go.  It's been a gratifying experience.  I recently read a quote from a blog I follow that said "Am I really going to miss that thing/shirt/sock/toy/book?  What's the worst that could happen?  I have to go spend $3 on it again?"  And it got me thinking.  I keep things "just in case".  But when I need it, I can never find it because I have so much "just in case" crap around the house.  So, I've been plastic-bagging it.  I'm even going to try to make money off it in my garage sale.  Take that, crap.

I've been cooking.  Lots.  Homemade oregano french bread, homemade corn bread, turkey chili, baby food, peanut butter cookies, and chocolate oatmeal cookies.  Yum & yum & yum.  Let's just say David has not gone hungry.

I've been couponing.  Like a crazy person.  That you could make fun of.  Because of my coupon binder.  That comes in the store with me.  And rides around in my cart.  Laugh all you want.  Because I am saving LOADS of money.  I usually see my total go down at least 40% with my coupons, and that's a low number.  I've saved up to 97% on a bill once, and I bought 30 boxes of pasta that day.  I will never pay a penny for toothpaste, deodorant, or dish soap again in my life.  It's been awesome because the money we save has made it easier to buy the more expensive organic food I want to feed my family.  I get the last laugh.

I've been yoga-ing.  A co-worker talked me into taking a yoga class after work on an especially stressful day.  I've never done yoga.  I would not consider myself a flexible person.  But I was very open-minded because of the wonderful things I have heard about it.  I've always been curious and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.  I loved it.  I really loved it.  It's a beginners course that was relaxing and introduced basic poses and stretches.  It was the most relaxing hour I have had to myself in a long, long time.  I walked out immediately looking forward to the next weeks class.  Once I learn the basics, I am strongly considering taking the next (less relaxing) level.

I've been sleeping.  Last week, I was alseep before 9 pm two nights in a row.  Every time I do that, I wake up and think "Why don't I do that more often?"  Sleep is too important to put off for the internet, or tv, or the crossword.  I consistently do all of the above.  And I bet I'm not the only one.  Go to bed at 9 tonight.  You'll thank me in the morning.  Promise.

I've been planning.  We planted seeds in starter pots.  It's our first time using the starters, and we're hopeful.  We started a compost bin (great big checkmark on my to-do list) and are going to mix it with our garden soil.  We don't have much yet, but it's nice to know it's started.  Peppers, green beans, tomatoes, and herbs.  I can't wait to pick all the fixins for a salad and eat it for dinner.  These are the moments I'm the most proud of being a mama - when I have the chance to teach a 3-year old how plants start as seeds and grow into food for our bodies.

I've been happy.  Things are going well.  I'm noticing a change in the way I am.  And I like it.

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  1. Look at you! Everything you've just said you've been doine sounds awesome! Those are all things I 'think about doing when I get around to it'...hard to actually pull off though. Mum of the year (yes, I have to say mum, not mom ;) )