Wednesday, March 9, 2011

boy, oh (crazy) boy.

Emma:  Easy.  Great sleeper.  Good eater.  Easy-going.  Smiley.  Good learner.  Good teacher.  Good manners.  (for the most part)  Sometimes throws fits, but learns very quickly that it doesn't work.  (except with softie Daddy.)

Dean:  Moderate.  Bad sleeper.  Great eater.  Easy-going until he's hungry.  Cries.  Does not create habits.  Easily falls out of any routine in one day's time.  Loud.  Mischievous.  Has dimples.  Defiant.  Selective hearing.  Handsome.

Dean crawls EVERYWHERE he shouldn't.  He already does the whole "I'm-gonna-crawl-away-from-you-faster-because-you're-coming-after-me" thing.  You know, when he's crawling towards the trash can, and you stand up and start chasing after him so he won't eat, well, he see's you coming, and crawls faster than you've ever seen him crawl to get to that darn can.  That sneaky little guy.  He crawls over to my silk curtains, sits his little body upright, and grabs/pulls/eats them.  Then when I firmly & loudly say "No!", he looks at me like "Whah?" and then continues to pull down the metal rod above his tiny little head.

He also is re-lent-less.  As in, I will steer him away from the computer cord 5,239 times in 3 minutes, and he'll still go after it.  Not the greatest at listening, that boy.  When I'm changing his diaper is also a challenging 10 minutes.  I say 10 minutes, because that's how long it takes for me to properly change a diaper on a wiggly, busy, would-rather-be-crawling, little munchkin.  And the cloth diapers are even more difficult.

On a positive note, I am happy he's crawling and not just a lump of baby laying on his boppy.

(He was a cute baby lump, though.)

Lord help me when he learns to walk.

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