Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chubby wubby

Baby D is napping on my chest.  I know I should be encouraging the crib sleeping, but I just can't pass up moments like this.  I remember when Emma was older, we looked back on some pictures of when she used to sleep on us (mostly daddy) and we missed it so much.  So, I'm trying to soak it in.  Because, today, he is EIGHT WEEKS OLD.  Yep, already.  I have already purged his dresser of all "newborn" sized clothing, and there's some 0-3's that are not far behind.  He's in 1 diapers.  His hair is getting longer by the second.  His eyelashes & eyebrows are darkening.  He's getting chubby wrinkles in his thighs.  He really sees faces.  He smiles back.  He needs his pacifier less.  He is awake more.  He's cute & more cute.

Hi you.

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