Thursday, November 18, 2010

Overwhelmed because I'm overwhelmed.

I need to focus.  I need to make a list and stick to it.  I'm really good at making lists and writing down fabulous ideas.  It's the whole "do" part of the to-do list that gets me every stinkin' time.  I need to focus on the cheap/free things I can do for my home & family.  I don't want to add financial distress to my list.
1.  Goodwill everything I don't use.  I need to go through each room with a "no looking back" attitude and get rid of some stuff.  Does Emma really need all 502 stuffed animals in her room?  Or will we ever miss the junk still in boxes in the garage?  My thought is, if I haven't used it/missed it/needed it by now, then peace out.  Movies I'll never watch again.  Shirts I'm done with.  Shoes I've had since college.  Smell ya later.

2.  Organize what I do need.  Sure my bathroom closet is full of stuff I actually do use - deodorant, make-up, toilet paper.  But it's all just chillin' on the shelves.  Must get baskets pronto.  A place to put keys.  I box for my electric cords.  Etcetera.

3.  Finish projects.  I am super-dee-duper at starting projects.  It's the finishing that is the hard part.  Now, part of this has to do with my idea that it has to be perfect, so it must take a long time, numerous days, and lots of money.  Another factor is that most of it has to be done when at least one kiddo is asleep because if they're both awake, it's hard enough to go to the bathroom, let alone paint trim.  The third is, I've kind of always been this way.  It's definitely not genetics, because my parents finish everything they start.  And it's not laziness, because I've learned the hard way, that it just stresses me out more to put it off.  I'm slowly realizing that I just have to knock it out.  Dishwasher needs unloaded?  Just do it.  Don't turn the tv on, or wonder around for a snack - just empty the flippin' dishwasher.  I mean, that machine just washed all of those dishes for me.  Is it that hard to put them away?  See what I mean.
*A good side note to this is to not start another project until the first one is finished.  Great idea right? 

I should take my own advice.

Note:  Do not ever buy a fixer-upper & have a second baby in the same year.  Side effects may be stress, stress, and more stress.

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  1. Wish I could tell ya to just r.e.l.a.x. but I'm the same way. But you know what, I have learned that if it doesn't get done - it just doesn't get done. And it really doesn't matter in the end. Its better to have dishes in your dishwasher then to make yourself sick worrying about it :)