Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank you.

So this week is the week to remember what we're thankful for right?  Well, here goes.


*for my parents!  They always seem to know when I need them, no matter the reason.  Whether it's a compliment, help on the house, or cuddling some grandkids.  Calling out of the blue to watch the kids so D & I can go eat a dinner - alone.  I am thankful.
*for my best friends!  I'm grateful that we still connect even having long distances between us.  Florida, Indy, & Australia - you got nothin' on us.
*for my husband!  I may give him a hard time about certain things, but he takes it well.  Very rarely does he let himself get stressed out, which is a trait I wish I had.  Sometimes I make myself step back and really just appreciate him for who he is.
*for my job!  All I have ever wanted since I had Emma was to stay at home with her.  But financially that was impossible.  I also had a small problem with just quitting working.  I have worked full-time for the greater part of the last 11 years.  I have always taken pride in the fact that I've been promoted multiple times in every job I've had.  I also have some feministic tendancies and hate the idea of being the typical "mom" who has a baby & quits her job.  So when I decided to go part-time after I had Dean, I was excited to not have to decide for one option or the other.  I am home with my kids Sunday-Thursday every week.  By the time Friday comes around, I am ready to get dressed in my suit, play with my makeup, and actually be a working woman for a day and a half.  After my half-shift on Saturdays, I'm back to being mama, and I'm excited for that time too.  It might seem weird to say, but I actually consider those 15 hours a week a BREAK.
*for my kiddos!  Even though I let myself get stressed out with the amount of work I feel like I have to do for them, it's all justified when I realize how lucky I am to even have them in my life.  They couldn't be more different in the way they were as babies, but that's what makes it fun!  I am excited to see who they grow up to be, and how their relationship develops between the two of them.  I was always so close to my brother, and I can only hope they are like we were.
*for my brother!  The guy just got engaged & bought a house all in the same weekend!  It's great to see him so happy & comfortable with his decisions he is making.  And I am thankful he found a fiance` I get along with and makes him happy.
*for my in-laws!  My mother & father in law are very helpful.  They let us live with them for seven months while we found our dream house.  They watch the kids at least once a week while we work.  They always put themselves second so they can help others first.  They may not get told enough, but we are thankful.
*for my house.  I feel so comfortable in my new house.  It feels like HOME & that is important.

I am thankful.

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