Tuesday, February 15, 2011

it's been a while.

Whenever I haven't posted for a while, I always feel as if I have a million things to write.  But when I actually find a second to sit down and type, they all disappear.  And I've always told myself not to write something just to satisfy a timeline.  I want to write when it's about an event I want to remember or a moment that is important to me.  So, to keep it as real as it gets, here's another random post.

We had a party!
I did everything myself, from the invites to the decorations to the food.  And it was fun!  I'm not going to say it was easy, but it was definitely fun.  I googled fun little recipes and what I found were tons of finger foods.  I laid out plates, but they weren't touched.  We had cake pops (big hit!), cupcakes, lemon bars, and fruit kabobs.  I used cookie cutters to shape the pinapple into "3"'s and the cantelope into stars & hearts.  Let's just say I will never do that again.  Kabobs, yes.  Shaped kabobs, N-to-the-O.  I think the most fun was the Thursday night before the big day.  David worked late, so I put the kids to bed and started cooking everything I could while I watched my thursday night tv.  It's a pretty great memory of her party that I will probably remember forever.  She'll be 16 and wanting a new car for her birthday, and I'll think back to that thursday night when I was drenched in pineapple juice & licking pink icing off my fingers.  It was a simple party.  We had food & gifts done in the first 45 minutes.  The rest of the time was for visiting.  It was relaxing & Emma had a blast.  We only had family & godmama Lindahl, and it was nice.

Cloth Diapers vs. Naps
I'm going to be honest here and say naps win.  Always.
Baby D is a light sleeper.  He takes after his daddy.  He wakes up to almost anything.  He still doesn't have the greatest nap routine, but we try.  He has decided to take his nap smackdab in the middle of my strength class at the Y.  Meaning, if I put him in childwatch to work out, he gets fussy and they have to come get me out of class.  And well, that sucks.  So, now I skip my class and let him nap at home.  This sucks for me, as I LOVE this class.  It's the only thing getting me back in shape after having this baybee I'm speaking of.  Anywho.  Then, he takes a longer nap in the afternoon.  For the entire first week of cloth diapers, he did not take one long nap.  He would cry for 40 minutes and then sleep for 10.  It wasn't really working for either of us.  The day I put him back in a huggie is the day he took 2 two-hour naps.  So, now we split it.  Napps gett huggs.  Play gets cloth.  So far, so good.  Still haven't purchased diapers since I started the cloth.  My debit card just thanked me.

I still have bro's awesome camera.
More pictures, less words.

a silly, fake, "smile for the camera", smile.

wearing her gifts.

my big girl.

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  1. Happy birthday to 'baby' Emma! It feels like just yesterday when I heard her sweet little voice making those baby noises and coos over the phone just hours after she was born :) I can't believe she's THREE!