Friday, February 19, 2010

Holy COW. (Cow being the key word here.)

--I'm borrowing this format from another blog I kept up with - so I'm a copycat.  But I absolutely loved the idea of it, and it made me tune into her blog, so you should probably do the same.--

Due date: July 17th (3 days after my b-day!)
How far along: 19 weeks tomorrow
Weight gain: Total - 16 lbs.  Since last visit (5 weeks ago) - TEN POUNDS (seriously Lauren?)
Maternity clothes:  Yes, please.  I love when my pants go up to my bra.
Stretch marks: Unfortunately, this time, yes.  What the H?
Feeling baby: Oh yes.  David can't feel from the outside yet, but soon....very soon.
Food cravings:  Nothing I can't live without.  No food aversions really either.
Gender: BOY!
Baby's heartrate: 150's  This has fluctuated from high 130's to 150's multiple times.
Belly Button: flat, and dry??
What I miss:  Sleeping whichever way I want and not worrying about laying on my back!
Looking forward to:  David feeling baby from the outside
Milestone:  Some energy back.  Buying baby boy's new crib bumper and blankets. :)  Stars!
Number of trips to Minute Clinic: 1
Reason for trip:  Earache, which was a result of an ear infection.  Above all that, my ear drum is perforated (read - small burst) and is leaking some kind of crazy fluid.  Jealous?  I haven't had an earache since I was 12.  I am telling you, this pain is worse than labor.  I can't hear out of my right ear, it feels numb, and it hurts like crazy.  The doctor looked in my ear and said "Yep.  Your ear is gunky all over." (I felt so comforted - false.)  "I wish I could take a picture of it to show you what it looks like."  (Warm & fuzzy feelings.)  "Here's some amoxicillin and Tylenol with CODIENE in it.  Feel better." (Thanks Doc.  Sure thing.  Baby boy will love some Codiene.)

We have our next ultrasound scheduled 3 weeks from now, and our next appointment in 4 weeks.  Wanna see if I can gain another 10 pounds by next time?  Yeh, me neither.

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