Sunday, January 30, 2011


In the past year 2 months, my baby bro has graduated college, bought a house, and proposed to his girlfriend.  He has also built two fantastic drawing easels that he gifted for Christmas.  One for Emma & one for me.  I mean it when I say FANTASTIC.  Better than what you would buy at the store.  Better than you could get online.  I mean, just...great.

He grew up with me.  We were (are) close.  He knows I studied art for some time.  He knows I have a (small) talent in drawing.  He knows I still have my stash of drawings from the art shows framed in the black matte boards.  (And that I'm still proud of them, even if they are 10+ years old.)  He knew that easel would make me happy by jump-starting the creative sector of my brain.  Plainly put - it was a good gift.

So, now he goes and does something even better.  He called me tonight to ask "if I would like to take their engagement photos".  I mean, this is a big deal for me.  My brain is on overdrive trying to be creative & different without taking away from what the pictures actually stand for.  It's a bigger deal because he is the photographer of the family.  I took classes in high school & worked for the paper.  I've spent time in a dark room & learned about f-stops.  But he's a different story.  He's just flat.out.good.  He's got the eye for it.  It comes very naturally to him.  So, I've got a big job coming up.  I've got to kill these shots.

Isn't this fun? :)

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