Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a journal.

So, hey.

It's been a while.

I had practically given up on writing this blog.  I have been pretty busy, you know, with THREE kids.  But after much consideration, I have decided to write again.  I was looking at it all wrong.  I was equating writing this blog to "another thing to do", and that's not what I ever wanted this to be.  I was letting myself get stressed out about it...and that's just no fun.  But, I recently read through some of my old posts and realized how happy I was that I had written them.  So, here goes.  Try number five, I think.

Let's list the updates since I last wrote (which was November, by the way):

-I had a baby.
-Now I have three kids.
-So, there's this baby in the house now.
-Another kid happened.
-I went grocery shopping.

That should sum it up.

But really, it's been pretty great.  Calvin is a perfect mix of the older two muchkins.  His sleeping habits are not Emma's, but definitely not Dean's.  He is almost 7 months (!!) old and is not yet sleeping through the night.  But I'm more okay with it than I ever was with Dean.  I guess it's that whole "but he's the baby" logic that will get me in trouble in the future.  I'm pretty sure if I thought about him going off to kindergarten, I could cry right now.  Sniff.

This is Emma's last year home with me before she's off to kindergarten next year.  Now that - THAT - is crazy.  We have lots of plans.  Lots and lots of plans.  It's my goal to make it a year at home she won't ever forget.  Sniff.

Dean is a talking machine.  He loves to say "How 'bout dat?  How 'bout dis?" or "I too! I too!".  He's most talkative when he's tired.  The longer he stays up, the more he chats with you.  He doesn't go to bed until about 9, which goes against everything I ever believed in when it came to kids and bedtimes.  But we were battling bedtime with him for at least an hour every.single.night and it became too stressful for the both of us.  So 9:00 it is.  Sniff.

David and I celebrated our 6-year-wedding and our 10-years-of-being-together anniversaries.  Good guy, that husband of mine.



  1. I'm glad you're back. :) annnndddd....I'm home all year. let's get together. ya ya ya. :)

  2. Yea!! I'm so glad you're blogging again! I rarely look at this anymore since you got a little bit more busy, you know, with the extra child and all, and then I hadn't seen a post since last year. Just happened to look today, and so excited :) Journaling is awesome.