Thursday, August 2, 2012


Since yesterday's post was void of any pictures, I thought I would share some today.

I also think I might be one of those people who uses waaay, too, many, commas.

Pretty girl.

Saving money with a diy haircut.

I taught her everything she knows.

One of my favorite pictures of all time.

She went on a run with Daddy.  She loved it, but he loved it more.

Dean not wasting any chocolate ice cream.

Our first movie night!  We watched Princess & the Frog, had homemade red beans and rice, popcorn, and gummy bears!  Emma loved it.  Dean talked the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME.

Dean's favorite part of the fair.  He was obsessed.

Calvin @ 5 months.

Fast asleep.

He's warmed up to baby food since.

Sitting on the front porch while it rained for 3 whole minutes.  Is she proud of him or what?

I kind of love this picture.  He's my baby baby.

Growing up.  Cal @ 6+ months.

They're, the, greatest.

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