Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yo, I'll solve it.

You know how every one always makes New Year's Resolutions?  And you know how most people don't last the whole year month?  You know how it's probably because they set too many or too difficult of goals to be completed all at once?  Well, I'm going to solve that.  At least, I'm going to try.

Introducing my brilliant Monthly Resolutions idea.

Every month, I will choose ONE single goal to accomplish.  I will start it at the beginning of the month in hopes that I will have made a habit of it 28 days later.  (Isn't that what the rule is?  28 days?)  As I enter a new month, I will set a new goal.  So I will then be implementing TWO goals.  And so on. And so forth.  Until this whole dang house is clean.

I get very easily overwhelmed with goals I set for myself.  It usually stems from too much caffiene paired with a very messy house.  Tell me I'm not alone here?  Right?  ...  Hello?

So, without further delay, here is my M|R for August:


I would choose laundry service over cleaning service is what I'm saying.  But they would have to come into my house and actually put away the clothes too.  A girl can dream right?

I always get ambitious and wash a bajillion loads of laundry, but I always find an excuse to not fold it.  And then it stresses me out.  A very fixable problem is present, and I'm going to mend it.

Blogging is an excuse not to fold clothes, right?

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