Monday, October 25, 2010

Grow up.

This summer, my parents brought over a little maple tree that had sprouted in their yard.  It was tiny, but sturdy for it's size.  We planted it in a spot near the back of our new-to-us backyard.

Well, look at it now.
Isn't it gorgeous?  Can you imagine what it will look like in 10 years?  How about 20?  It gets me excited  just thinking about it.

I like to think of this tree as Dean's Tree.  It was a newborn the summer he was a newborn.  I will watch both of them grow up big and strong.  Although, I do have a hard time thinking about Baby D in 10 years.  How about 20? Ah!

So while I am encouraging the growth of Dean's Tree and admiring the colorful [albeit tiny] display, I'm thinking about how much Dean has already grown. 

And how I'm sure he will be more colorful than any tree ever could.

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  1. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!! That tree is going to be awesome. In the fall, there are always certain trees in certain yards that you notice every year that are especially colorful and pretty. You're going to have one of those trees:)