Monday, October 11, 2010


"Before-the-new-year" Resolutions:
(aka. Goals I want to accomplish by January 1st.)

--Cloth Diapers.--
I've done the research.  I know I want the Bumgenius Elemental All-In-One, One Size in Ribbit, Moonbeam, Twilight, and Grasshopper.  Sounds like a foreign language, huh?  Well, up until today, it was.  But I've learned.  Now I just have to shell out the LARGE chunk of money necessary to purchase them, and in a very short time, they will pay for themselves.  I'm so tired of spending $19.99 every week-and-a-half for diapers that take 500 years (!!!) to decompose.  Cloth diapers can be used for subsequent kiddos and are better for babies skin.  As soon as I can spend this money, I will be using cloth diapers.

--Baby Dean's Photo Album.--
This is a major goal.  I really need to keep up with this, or I'll never remember dates/accomplishments/moments to write them down.  Must. do. soon.

--Credit Card.--
This one is simple.  Stop using it.  Much easier said than done.

Stop spending so much darn money.  Now that we're finally in a "livable" state with our renovated home, and we have baby bills consolidated, we need to start repaying debts and saving, saving, saving.  And yes, I do understand this will be a never-ending battle.

Clean it out.  Keep the good.  Goodwill the rest.  Unfortunately, we still have boxes from moving that we have yet to unpack.  Once these are taken care of we can actually use our garage for, wait for it....parking our cars.  What a great idea right?

This is an extremely condensed version of the dialogue that runs through my head

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