Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And another thing...

I want to start using cloth diapers.

Talk about green....


  1. The diapers are green?

  2. okay, first comment is on your comment about wanting to lose a person who just went out with you four days ago, I say NAY to this!!! you look AWESOME right now, seriously, I don't think you've ever looked better, and you certainly don't have 10 lbs to don't want to cross over from the "skinny" to the "is she eating?"

    Next comment is on the going green...GO YOU! Let me know how that whole cloth diaper thing goes, because I think that will be the biggest challenge!!!

    Third comment is on the cooking...I didn't know you loved to cook!:) Maybe the four of us should get together and you and quin can cook together for david and me! That sounds great, doesn't it? :)

  3. My friend, Carly, uses cloth diapers (nappies as we call them), and she's happy with them. They cost a fortune though in the beginning (like $800-$1000 I think). Not sure how much regular diapers are there, but maybe you'd save $ in the end.

  4. Anonymous = Ashley

    Took me a looooonnng time to figure that out.


  5. I'm not the first anonymous comment though (diapers are green?) - don't know who that is. That's ought to keep you guessin'!

  6. Now you can "follow" me and not be anonymous b/c you have a google account. Do it woman!