Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rambling on...

Some thoughts/rambles/feelings to post 2 days before I head back to work:

--I love cooking.  I want to expand my horizons.  I want to own all the dishes & pans.  I want to fill my bookcase with cookbooks - and actually use them.  I want my husband to brag to people about what I made for dinner last night.  I want people to beg me to bring a dish I make to a cookout because they love it so much.

--I love not working.  Shame I have to go back in two days.

--I want to become more organized.  Step one: Putting a desk in the den.  Step two:  Setting up the computer, printer, and chargers so they all finally have a home.  Step three:  Manage bills, pictures, and all other electronics better.

--I want to breastfeed my next baby for at least 6 months.  This is a personal challege of mine - and I'm standing firm.  I want this most of all.

--I want to have dinner planned for the week ahead.  I hate when it's 7 and we get a pizza because it's late and I didn't plan accordingly.  Then I feel like crap the rest of the night, and vow to never do it again.  Then a week goes by, and I've done it again. :/

--I want to lose my last 5-10 pounds.  The weight was definitely harder to lose this time around, and I've still got a little bit to go.  I am back in all of my old clothes, but I want to be smaller than that.

--To expand on the last thought - I need new clothes.  Now, any one who knows me and ever saw my last closet probably just threw up when they read that.  But it's true!  I have given FIVE BAGS of clothes to Goodwill, and another one to the garbage truck.  That's a ton of clothes.  I finally got rid of all the clothes that when I look at, I think to myself "Too tight.", "I have to layer something under it.", "Too short", "Old", "Too casual", or anything other excuse.  There were clothes I have had for 5+ years, with tags still attached, that I just got rid of because I always found a reason to NOT wear them.  Pathetic.  So, now I need my version of "mom" clothes.  I don't mean the frumpy, dorky, version of mom clothes.  I mean, clothes that are comfortable, but cute.  They can't be pulled down or up or whatever when little hands want mama.  They need to move with me, instead of me trying to move with them.  And they just really need to be cute.  Is that too much to ask?  Maybe I should start my own "mom" clothing line.

--I want to get MORE green.  I recycle.  I don't use plastic water bottles.  I turn the water off when I brush my teeth.  I use SOME safe cleaners.  I want to do more.

--That's all for now.

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