Wednesday, September 15, 2010


September is an awkward month for me ever since last year.

On this day last year, David & I went to the doctor for our first ultrasound for our new baby.  I was 8 weeks, 6 days and feeling all the symptoms.  Without going into all the details, my ob's face dropped, and we knew bad news was seconds away.  Our baby was measuring 6 weeks, 2 days and there was no heartbeat.  This was followed by a second ultrasound to confirm the bad news, and a procedure a week later.  September 25th.  Blech.

However, this was followed by a +positive+ October.  And that was followed by an amazing June, when Baby Dean arrived.

This September, my bil & sil welcomed their new baby, Abel.  He was born premature at 31 weeks.  This baby is a FIGHTER.  He is stubborn.  He is adorable.  He is fiesty.  He is loud.  He is strong.  He is little.  And he is awesome.

To follow that, I just found out today that another woman I know had a her third miscarriage in four pregnancies.  Yuck, right?

In all of this, there HAS to be a silver lining. 

Maybe it's to remind us that getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and having a baby is simply a miracle.  We should be thankful for the little ones in our lives now and for those who are on their way.  Whether we have one amazing kid, like my niece Madison, or 8+ like David's aunt & uncle, we have to be grateful. 

We have to be thankful.

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