Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, Baby D still sleeps in our room.  In his pack'n'play, which by the way might be the best thing ever invented for babies.  Last night was the first time I would say he literally 'slept through the night'.  He slept from 10 pm until 7:10 am.  I remember the time, because it's when Emma climbed into bed to wake me up because she's "hungee."  Doing the math, carry the one, that means D slept 9+ hours.  The night before? 7+.  I'm thinking the reason he is waking up in the mornings is because he is being woken up by a certain, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, 2-year old who just slept for 11/12 hours straight.  Therefore....he's sleeping in his crib - UPSTAIRS - for the first time ever tonight.  [The upstairs part is a big deal because our bedroom is downstairs.]  That means both my munchkins are sound asleep, in their nice, clean beds - far, FAR, away from mama.  yikes.

On another note, I took Emma for her FIRST HAIRCUT EVER.  Yes.  She's 2.5 and I've never, ever, ever cut a strand of hair on that kid's head.  How could I?  If I didn't cut it, then that means she still had some of her baby hair.  The hair she was born with.  The little curly bits that went to Australia with us.  (I know, I'm weird.)
I'm not the type to buy a silver box engraved with "Baby's first curl" and keep a strand of the first haircut.  I'm trying to declutter, remember?  What the heck am I going to do with a box like that?  Store it somewhere, and move it from box to box for the rest of my life?  I just don't have it in me.  So instead, I took her to a salon for kids where she sat on an elephant, watched spongebob, got her hair snipped, and left with 2 new orange clips & a super-cute [makes her look soo much older] haircut.  Daddy's been out of town, and he has no idea we went and did this today.  I think he might be heartbroken that daddy's little girl got her hair cut.  [adorable pics to come later] [[not of daddy, but Emma's new haircut]]


  1. Awww - I love that you think of her baby hair in Australia :)

  2. I know what you mean about the hairs that went with you to Australia. When I got my ten inches cut off last Christmas the stylist said it had probably been growing for at least 5 years...which means it was the hair that was coming out of my scalp on my wedding day! Okay, yeah, kind of weird. But I'm with you.